DIY Candlemaking kits

DIY Candlemaking kits

Do you want to make your very own candle!?! Warning * it's addictive *

Perfect gift or even for parties!

Discounts for party bundles!

These come in 2 different options.

Option 1: Wax and scent are premixed, so you just did need to add heat, stick your wick and pour!

Option 2: This one's more advanced. You will need to melt wax, add your fragrance at the right Temps. You will need a thermometer for this one and stainless steel mixing bowl.

Label included (can be customized just for you!)

Both kits will include step by step directions to help you through the process! This will be so much fun!

Kit makes (1) 6.5 oz candle in your scent choice!